Knowledge Consulting Group Limited (KCGLeads) is a boutique technology & management consulting founded in 2016 by two veteran senior executives from global insurance companies and financial institutions.   KCG Leads offers niche consulting services and technology solutions via his industry specific partnership and affiliations with top notched InsurTech and Fintech solutions providers. The vision of KCGLeads is to help his clients become successful via the latest, InsurTech , AI and analytics technology offers & KCG’s proprietary knowledge base on industry specific consulting models and leads generations methodology in the specific industry we chose to compete in via the building up of life time customer value of their customers.

Knowledge Consulting Group Limited is a licensed insurance agency with Hong Kong Insurance Authority that could carry on general business (License No. FA3517).

Company Overview

With over 20 years of experience in Insurance and Banking industry on technology and transformation delivery, KCGLeads directors has all the track records to support his clients in the entire business transformation journey from future state customer journey and business process design, identification of analytics / business solutions that support business in the transformation, develop a proper business transformation governance and delivery (from business case to program management and benefits realization tracking).

More specifically, KCGLeads believes the ultimate goals of its consulting service would be creating happy customers and also identifying latent needs of them to create successful customer leads to KCGLeads’ clients.

Solutions and Service

AML-Name screening software-as-a-service

KCGLeads, leveraging our knowhow in data analytics and industry knowledge has developed a market unique AML search engine software-as-a-service, our search engine support our customers in their Know Your Customer (KYC) process via a one-stop name screening against

1. United Nations anti-money laundering sanctions against individuals and entities updated every 30 minutes
2. 70 international and domestic sanction list updated every 30 minutes
3. Market unique Chinese Political Exposed Persons (PEPs) search by truly bi-lingual key words
4. Market unique Hong Kong National security law investigations and convicted name list

You could perform a KYC AML screening for your customers and business counter-parts on your finger tips via one search engine!

InsurTech Consulting

In KCGLeads we understand the 200+ years old Insurance Industry inside out with a core team of 80+ years of insurance experience on life and general insurance industry on product development, actuarial, operations and most important the latest InsurTech solutions.

We help our clients on the following areas:

  1. Developing business models with the help of InsurTech innovations via products developments, digital channel distributions and automations.
  2. Building up credentials and capabilities in insurance entities license applications such as digital distribution areas.
  3. Market entry strategy development in Asia especially in the Big Bay Area (or Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Bay Area).
  4. Business strategy development, business case evaluation and due diligence in InsurTech Merger & Acquisition projects.

FinTech Consulting

KCGLeads believe transformation of your business via FinTech solutions is more than pure adoption of digital distribution channels, the key to success is the building up of sustainable life time value of customers or the digital eco-systems.

All companies successful in FinTech are also able to develop sustainable eco-systems (e.g. Baidu, Amazon, Tancent, Facebook etc.), we offers strategic consulting services on your business model leveraging on FinTech solutions and more important the building up of cross-discipline eco-systems,KCGLeads also offers RFP, solutions sourcing / implementation services that support his clients in building up of their business model via FinTech and eco-systems.

We offer help to our clients on the following areas:

  1. Building up of B2B and B2C digital transformation roadmaps.
  2. FinTech solutions sourcing via RFP, or recommendations based on KCGLeads’ understanding of customer needs and strategy.
  3. Business case build up to facilitate achievable strategy development and organisation approvals.

Genuine Leads generations

KCGLeads believe transformation of your business via FinTech solutions is more than pure adoption of digital distribution channels, the key to success is the building up of sustainable life time value of customers or the digital eco-systems.In KCGLeads, we believe genuine leads generations are presenting to the potential client the right solution at the right time and the right place. KCGLeads offers cutting edge leads generations that generate business results. KCG Leads has a proprietary process to generate B2B and B2C customer leads via a combination of industry database, in-depth interviews and analytics technology. We bring you closer to your business target by bringing the right customers to you.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Analytics empowerment

KCG partners with best-of-breed AI and Machine Learning solution providers such as Asaw in the regions.

Application of AI / Analytics include:

  1. Social Listening on brand equity and awareness.
  2. Anti-money laundering / Anti-fraud analytics.
  3. Leads generations.
  4. Out-bound calls results optimisation